Motorcycle Shipping

Motorcycle shipping is not that uncommon that one would think, but it does require some thought ahead of time. Not everybody has time to ride to places like Daytona or Sturgis for the weekend. Here we can give you some tips on how to prep you bike for shipment so it arrives safe to its destination.

Motorcycle Shipping Checklist

First things first, make sure the bike is clean. A dirty motocycle for shipping is a no-no. If the motorcycle is clean it will show that the bike is its utmost condition. This will save problems in the long run. Things to do in the preparation:

Motorcycle Shipping
  • Clean the Motorcycle
  • Inspect for Damage
  • Document Everything
  • Make sure it is in Running Condition

Clean the Motorcycle

A clean motorcycle will show any leaks it might have. It will also let you know of any dings or scratches it may have prior to shipment. This way it saves time to both the shipper and yourself. Document everything with pictures. Everything from the smallest scratch to something you might not have noticed before.

Inspect for Damage

Look for all of the little hits or dings. Some of these might not be your fault, but maybe not the carriers also. This will save time in the long run, and maybe save on insurance.

Document Everything

Something that both parties like is documentation. Take a lot of pictures of your bike. Many angles, outside is better for the lighting. You might actually notice something that you have not seen before and be able to repair it before other damage occurs.

Make Sure it is in Running Condition

Sometimes a motorcycle needs to be run onto a platform. Some big bikes are not that easy to just push onto the platform. It might need to be ridden onto there. Let your qualified transporter ride it for a minute in the parking lot or your street to see if everything is in working condition and if there are any minor subtleties that your bike may have. This also saves problems in the end.

You do not need a full tank of gas. One quarter to half is sufficient of gas to have.

We all love our bikes (that is why we bought them), but we need to protect our hobbies. YouShip4Less can help you transport your motorcycle to the destination you desire.

Harleys, Gold Wings, Indians or any other bikes you have to move is one of our specialties. Give us a call if you have any questions about taking your motorcycle on your trip.