Oversize and Overweight Shipping

Oversize and overweight loads can sometimes present a challenge when shipping. If you are not sure about the laws on shipping oversize loads, it would be better off left to professionals. Here we will go over some of the basic laws.

What is Considered Oversized Shipping.

Oversized and overweight exceeds the legal limitations for freight transport. Federal law requires each state to set their own regulations. Generally, cargo that exceeds the following is considered oversize/overweight:

  • Length of 48 to 53 feet
  • Width of 8.6 feet
  • Height of 13.6 feet
  • Gross weight of 80,000 pounds

Weight Across Axles

There are also weight restrictions on how much each axle can carry. These are the weight limitations:

  • No more than 12,000 pounds on steer axles
  • No more than 20,000 pounds on single axles
  • No more than 34,000 pounds on drive axles
  • No more than 34,000 pounds on tandem axles

Time Restrictions

Most states have time restrictions on when these loads can be transferred. In most cases you can start 30 min before sunrise and 30 min after sunset. There are also usually restrictions as to what days you are allowed to transport. Mondays through Saturday afternoon is the general rule. Holidays and holiday weekends are also usually prohibited.


Escorts (or pilot cars) are sometimes required for safety. They are there to help the truck driver navigate through traffic and its obstacles. There could be traffic jams, roadblocks, overpasses and even low hanging wires sometimes. They are in constant contact with each other through voice communication.

If you have any questions about shipping overweight/oversized loads, contact your local state or YouShip4Less. We have the experience to transfer any size shipment that you may have.